Applicant Guidelines

JUNES is a freelance foreign model agency based in Tokyo, Japan. We are welcoming all aged non-Japanese models. Please jump to Application form to sign up if you’re interested in being model.

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Our recent jobs:

Examples of our jobs:

Photo shoot industry

Film industry

Talent industry

90% of our models started their career without modeling experiences

Most of our models were inexperienced. We welcome you even you haven’t done any modeling jobs before. We will support your career utilizing our knowledge or connections that we have accumulated from over 50 years of our experiences.

We are looking for models who:

Application Requirements

We need non-Japanese models or actors who has valid work permission

Procedure of registration:
  1. Make an appointment through application form or call
    *Our number is 03-6447-1383
    *We will send you message if we received your application through application form
  2. Admission explanation
  3. Photo shooting for your composite
  4. Take BWH measurements
Registration Time Monday or Wednesday 14:00-17:00
Required Time Approx. 1 hour
Registration fee 1,000 yen
What to bring
  • Residence card
  • Registration fee (1,000 yen)
  • Japanese bankbook or bank information
  • Your portfolio (Please save them to USB)
What to wear

*You are not going to change your clothes in our office so you don’t have to bring other clothes.

  • Simple clothes that are not printed any characters
  • Tops other than white color
  • Different colored tops and bottoms
Access JUNES Inc. access to map
2F Park Lane 2-6-10 Jingumae Shibuya-ku Tokyo 〒150-0001
TEL:03-6447-1383 / FAX:03-3405-8538

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G&A よくある質問

Q.Are we able to sign up with tourist visa?
A.No, you can’t. We welcome people who have valid work permission.
Q.Does it any cost other than registration fee?
A.No, we will never ask you to pay some extra fee other than registration fee.
Q.Can we sign up even we are living outside of Tokyo?
A.Yes, you can. However please note that we won’t be able to cover your transport fee. You need to pay your transport fee for the audition/shooting.
Q.I don’t have any modeling experiences.
A.No problem! We always welcome all aged non-Japanese models!
Q.What kind of jobs do you have?
A.We have many various entertainment jobs such as TV, movie, TVCM, catalog, or the show.
Q.What is the registration procedure like?
  1. See registration video
  2. Photo shooting
  3. Take your measurement, interview
Please see the URL for detailed information Or call us 03-6447-1383
Q.What is required for the interview?
A.Please introduce yourself to our staffs. You don’t have to show your skills at the time.
Q.Do you have any lessons?
A.No, we don’t have any indispensable lessons here.
Q.Are there any opportunities to make use of my modeling career?
A.Definitely the experiences will be very valuable for you. We picked some benefits below.
  • You will be able to get used to appear in public.
    While you’re taken the photographs and after it published, it’ll be seen by many people for a while. You’ll able to get used to appear in public gradually.
  • You will be able to get knowledge about advertisement industry.
    You can see the other side of TV, magazine, movie. You will meet other models, crew and director and come in contact with heir technic so that you will be able to imagine your vision.
  • You will be able to get network.
    The more you build your network, the more opportunity and place to use your skill you can have. We will support our models as much as we can.

Feel free to ask us if you have any questions!

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Only every Monday, Wednesday(14:00-16:30).
Please select three candidate.
*this is start time